Time Wasted

So I spent the entire morning creating an interior, only to go in-game and find that the wall pieces I had chosen had no collision, meaning I could run through the walls. I had to delete the entire cell.

Many of the pieces have no collision. This can be worked around with some, but when you’ve pasted 30 wall pieces without collision, there’s no way.

Now I have to redo the entire cell. I want to say something really ugly.

4 responses to “Time Wasted

  1. Ouch, really sorry to hear that. If it’s any comfort, I’m looking forward to see your next screenshots. Always a pleasure seeing something new and fresh put into Skyrim!

    • These were vanilla wall pieces from Whiterun castle. The thing is, there’s a WRIntCastleWall piece which looks exactly the same as another with a pretty much similar name in the CK. I mistakenly pasted the wrong one without collision. The other similar one has OK collision and I use it a lot in Azura’s Dawn.

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