The Real Nordic Summer Sky

That’s the real Nordic summer sky. That’s what we have outside my window every evening. In the summer, the sun never sets either. I don’t think Skyrim replicates it too well. At least it does a mean Aurora Borealis.

6 responses to “The Real Nordic Summer Sky

  1. This is a bit off-topic, but I’m really a fan of the old Fairy Tale mod. Someone should make a book series based on the story!

    • Thanks! One day, I’ll make a Fairy Tale II mod. Civ5 doesn’t really catch my modding interest though. It would possibly be realistic to create some kind of scenario in Age of Wonders III, but that wouldn’t be a full conversion.

      • I’m not much of a Civ 5 fan. Personally, I recommend expanding the original Fairy Tale mod.

  2. Don’t know where to post it, so I do it here:


    All my best wishes to you my friend šŸ™‚

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