Napoleon 2015

I haven’t updated the blog recently, since I went on a trip abroad a couple of weeks ago. Really, it was a kind of pilgrimage to see Napoleon’s grave in Paris and also visit Belgium where the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was held.

It was important to me, since, in my youth, Napoleon was my greatest idol. I still think he’s very cool in some respects, but nowadays, don’t treat him with the unreserved idolatry I did when I was younger. Nonetheless, when I returned home, I needed to play some Napoleonic games and really enjoy my Napoleonic inspiration for a while.

Now, let’s return to Skyrim. I have a lot of work to do; I need to wrap up Azura’s Dawn Mansion asap. Stay tuned.

Here’s a few pictures of The Pig in Brussels and Paris. She comes along on all our trips.

6 responses to “Napoleon 2015

  1. Very photorealistic, what enb are you using? hehe. No seriously, Belgium? one of my preferred places, so much history and beauty…ah, the feelings.

  2. There are a few great places to see history close up. If you’re ever in Stockholm, I warly recommend a visit to the Vasa museum.
    Here story was a really short and abrupt one…

    • Oh yes! Stockholm is great! I’ve been at the Vasa Museum, but the Swedish War Museum is also great. Not to mention the Livrustkammaren at the Stockholm castle. They have the uniform Karl XII died in and Gustav III’s masquerade outfit that he was assassinated in. Quite a sight. My wife’s from Stockholm (or Täby to be exact), so I’ve been there a bit.

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