Doing optimization isn’t fun exactly. I have to cut out stuff from my mod to make it work better. It works well in Vanilla Skyrim, but I get crashes in the colony with all my mods applied to the game. I of course want people to be able to play the mod even though they might have a lot of other mods active. Today I’ve done some optimization work on the town area, where the heaviest load is. Some NPC’s have had to go and a couple of statics. I’m going to implement those in another part of my world; maybe create a secluded trade post with them.

That was too hasty

OK, that was a bit hasty. I should learn to not write anything online while I’m either mad or sad. Referring to my last post. I didn’t come this way for nothing. Only losers give up when confronted with Skyrim Papyrus Scripting. LOL

I’ll complete Azura’s Watch if it’s the f***ing last thing I do. If there’s someone who’s gonna make a one-man official DLC-quality mod for this friggin’ game, it’s me.

It’s going to take some time though; too many distractions and too much fun happening IRL. Stick with me. I’m continuing although sometimes very slowly.

Done with this

I don’t think Azura’s Watch will ever get finished. I won’t have the time or energy to fulfill everything needed for a proper release. I won’t have the time or energy to write any quests.

My Skyrim modding has been nothing but a failure. I’ve had my greatest days already, as a modder, unfortunately. The intense energy I could commit to Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion back in 2010-11 is sadly gone.

I will just have to admit this now, so I don’t have this hanging over me, but can move on to other things, and to also end the expectations once and for all. When I have the time and I feel for it, I will package together what I have and publish it here as a Beta 04 and then call it a day.