Done with this

I don’t think Azura’s Watch will ever get finished. I won’t have the time or energy to fulfill everything needed for a proper release. I won’t have the time or energy to write any quests.

My Skyrim modding has been nothing but a failure. I’ve had my greatest days already, as a modder, unfortunately. The intense energy I could commit to Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion back in 2010-11 is sadly gone.

I will just have to admit this now, so I don’t have this hanging over me, but can move on to other things, and to also end the expectations once and for all. When I have the time and I feel for it, I will package together what I have and publish it here as a Beta 04 and then call it a day.

6 responses to “Done with this

  1. I feel with you, my friend.

    But I must confess, it makes me sad, after all this time …
    Thank you for letting me take part in the development of your mod.

    • I’m continuing. I wrote that crappy post in a bad mood. I’m not giving up, not when I’ve created the most beautiful place ever in this game, and almost finished landscaping and creating characters. Gah! I shouldn’t be writing stuff when feeling down. I should learn to sit down, have a coffee and contemplate. 😀

      • I’m glad your continuing friend, though might I ask why you haven’t reached out to anyone in the community for minor assistance? I may be asking a common and annoying question, if so I apologize. perhaps not someone taking half the workload or anything like that, but maybe just putting out some feelers with any 3D modelers, and obviously Voice Actors?

      • Many have offered to voice act, but I haven’t signed anyone yet, since I haven’t even begun on the main quest. I want to finish writing the main quest, maybe even release a “silent” version. THEN, assign voice actors to do the lines.

  2. I know the feeling. I’ve had long perdiods of doing nothing creative with my fan-fics. But when you have something you love to do, you always return to it in the end.

    • Yeah! I find myself playing all these other games like GTA5, Witcher III and stuff, and sooner or later, when I tire at them, I’m always in the Creation Kit fiddling about again.

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