The Staff


One of the most common thing people want in Azura’s Dawn is a staff of servants. I’m currently implementing them and, luckily, creating NPC’s is one of my absolute favourite parts of modding. There will be a butler (in the screenshot), a cook, a maid, a housekeeper and a groundsman. The groundsman will be a potential follower.

The titles are based on real historical mansion staff. The Butler is the head of staff. The Housekeeper is responsible for female staff, like Cooks and Maids. The Groundsman takes care of the outside areas, like gardens and forests.

4 responses to “The Staff

    • I will need to make a Hearthfire patch, at least, but it’ll stay open and free and look just the same for those who don’t have that DLC as well. The adoption system won’t work without Hearthfire, but I take it you don’t mind 😀

      • Right, just like you I don’t care about adoption and marriage in Skyrim
        And like you I build my own homes.
        These are the reasons why I won’t get Hearthfire for my game. 😀

      • I have never built one of those HearthFire homes either, nor have I ever adopted a child, so that DLC was kinda useless really. They could have put that energy into creating something more like Dawnguard, which I really like. Oh well, with Azura’s Dawn I’ll get to test adoption for the first time though. Lydia will make a great mother, I guess. LOL

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