Azura’s Dawn 1.1

I want a limited beta test for the Azura’s Dawn 1.1 update. I want you to test the .bsa. Also, I want you to check on the new NPC’s inhabiting the mansion as well as the new winerack resource (meshes and textures). If all goes well, I’ll publish this on the Nexus asap.

Manual install will be required for this version. Don’t download if you’re not going to test and report. It might be buggy as hell. It’ll be on the Nexus problem-free later on.



1.1 Patch

– Added a very basic collision cube to the stairs in the Gallery, so you won’t at least fall through with ELFX.
– Added Armourer table to the crafting chamber.
– Worked on alleviating clipping near certain doors.
– There are now cooking possibilities in the Kitchen AND in the Crafting Chamber.
– All barrels in the Crafting Chamber are now non-respawning storage containers.
– Tagged the cells properly (at least your follower will now wear his/her home outfit in AFT).
– Added servant staff members. Five NPC’s in all with AI packages. The groundsman is a potential follower.
– Implemented proper wineracks.
– No sunlight shining at interior windows at nighttime anymore.
– Some additional details and cluttering added here and there.

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