Sunday Morning Walk in Azura’s Watch

Here are some images from my main modding project, Azura’s Watch. The Azura’s Dawn mansion mod is just a small precursor to this one. I’ve been working on my tropical island paradise, on and off, since July last year. I have to release another beta version soon.

4 responses to “Sunday Morning Walk in Azura’s Watch

    • I’ll be working on it more steadily now. The mansion mod I released this weekend reminded me of why I do modding. LOL I might have a day off from work on tuesday, so I’ll spend that on putting together and releasing the next beta.

    • Ah! Yeah, I saw that now. Thanks for telling me. Some nice words there about Azura’s Dawn, although that stairs glitch gets a mention there at the end. That glitch is really annoying, especially since I’m not responsible, nor the vanilla game, but another mod is. It’s fixed with the latest update though.

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