Azura’s Dawn 1.2

The 1.2 Version of Azura’s Dawn is now properly published on Nexus.

This version of Azura’s Dawn is (should be) compatible with The Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod, which makes it easy to move your spouse and children to the player home. I recommend using that mod; you just need to use a spell “bless the home” to make the entirety of Azura’s Dawn into a compatible player house. Simple and easy.

I want someone to test it out and see how it works. There may still be glitches. I’m going to test it myself as well, but I don’t have any kids. At least, Lydia worked well and moved in right away.

If you don’t have Hearthfire, the Azura’s Dawn mansion, will still look and feel the same. You need to apply the following .esp instead. You still need the above download though for the resources bsa and stuff.


2 responses to “Azura’s Dawn 1.2

  1. Uhm well it works even better than I thought: I have 3 kids and your house has 2 beds, but I was able to move all my kids there (only one of them is constantly roaming around).
    As a side-note, why is there grass on the floor?

    • There is not supposed to be grass on the floor. It comes from a known Skyrim bug, and as you mentioned in the Nexus thread, it might be in combination with another mod. I’m really glad this works though! 🙂

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