Camp Castrum

A Roman Military camp was called a Castrum. I actually had to decide whether to call it Castrum Argentum, or go with the English Camp Argentum. I decided to use the English version Camp Argentum. It sells better. The Latin word Castrum lives on in English; we get the word “Castle” from there. The word “Camp” comes from the Latin “Campus”, which was a Roman training field outside the military camp. Oh, and Argentum is the Latin word for Silver, so Camp Silver.

The great thing about recreating a historical Roman camp in a fantasy game like Skyrim, is that I don’t have to be entirely historically correct, but can take great liberties and am allowed to do so. This, while I follow history for inspiration and general outlines.

Right now, I’m filling the camp with Imperial soldiers. I have five Legionaries and one Quaestor already, and one battlemage. They will all be recruitable as followers. Most of the soldiers will be Imperial males, but I made the battlemage and the Quaestor female. I’ll also have auxiliaries of different races. An Orc is a must; maybe working the camp’s forge. Look at my snazzy Roman battle standard in the screenshot!


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