Some Screenies from Argentum

Here are some screenshots from my Camp Argentum.

2016-01-15_00003I’m using another texture for the tents than in the previous screenshots. This looks more military.

2016-01-15_00004Inside the Centurion’s Tent, the only enterable cell in the Camp.

2016-01-15_00002Morning roll call. The soldiers stand at attention, waiting to be inspected.

2016-01-15_00001All the thirteen soldiers at the camp have files with background stories and some info.

4 responses to “Some Screenies from Argentum

    • Yes. I was uncertain about Camp Argentum, since it’s made for my own character, but I’ve decided to publish it, becuase it turned out more polished than I expected. I’ll release that this weekend; maybe tonight. Castle Coldview is a bit more work than the camp, but I’ll also release that one.

  1. Imo, you’ve got the texture and colouring of the tents spot on. It looks like heavy linen – which is exacly what you’d expect them to use. It also looks weathered and used.

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