Outfit of the Day

Yeah, OK. So it’s time to create the Stormcloak soldiers for Camp Varglya. Cool and dandy. There’s just this problem. I absolutely hate the Stormcloak uniform. You, know this one that just looks like the city guard outfit. It’s just boring, and it’s like Bethesda didn’t even make an effort. It’s just a recolour of a regular city guard. I need something to spice it up. At least Cloaks of Skyrim adds a cloak to each soldier, and that’s a beginning.

EDIT: I found the solution. Simple and easy. Stormcloak Armor Revival by Skyrimaguas. It’s awesome what a retexture can do. I am not going to add it to the mod, but I’m going to recommend it strongly. This retexture, along with Cloaks of Skyrim makes the Stormcloak soldiers look like soldiers, but still close enough to vanilla.


3 responses to “Outfit of the Day

    • I added an Ice Wolf named Tullius. I had to size him down a bit, because wolves are huge. He looks more like a dog now, walking around the camp. I initially made him part of the Dog Faction, but that only causes the NPC’s to call him “stupid dog” all the time, and it was only funny the first time. Besides, there was an Imperial outside the camp from the Warzones mod and we went out to kill him and Tullius the Wolf fought best of them all! So he’s not stupid at all! His howling can be a bit tedious though.

      • Something like the dogs barking can be tedious. I’ve got Leifur barking in Heljarchen Hall all the time – he’s the dog you get after completing the Donkey Tail quest with Vilja.

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