Good Bye, Nexus Mod Manager!

I used the NMM for Fallout 4 and accidentally clicked the Download with NMM button when downloading a Skyrim mod. i usually install Skyrim mods manually and use BASH as my mod manager. I misclicked the warning screens that followed since I was watching telly at the same time. Now, Skyrim won’t even launch. What remains is to do a clean install of the game and all those 200+ mods I had.

I cannot recomend NMM to anyone. It’s completely useless, too unreliable and I’ve had problems with it before; I don’t know why I’ve maintained in giving it chance upon chance again. I will uninstall it and never use it again. My best suggestion is to manually install mods and sort them with BASH and LOOT. That process had my latest install of the game running smoothly for over a year now.

Good riddance, NMM. No more chances for you now!

3 responses to “Good Bye, Nexus Mod Manager!

  1. You actually were still using NMM? D: Never heard of MO (Mod Organizer)? Way better than NMM and doesn’t fuck up Skyrim (it really can’t).

    • I was using NMM for Fallout4 mods. I use Wrye Bash for Skyrim. And yeah, I’m never going to use something that kills my game anymore, so good riddance to NMM, I say.

      • As Pamasich said, use Mod Organizer. It’s way more reliable.
        Any mods installed using MO will be placed separately inside MO’s folder, instead of using Skyrim’s default folder. MO doesn’t touch any of your core game files at all.

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