Elder Scrolls VI?


I found this YouTube video a couple of days ago. Although the narrator is irritating as shit and sounds completely personality liberated like all the other popular YouTubers, he makes a really interesting point and it’s worth watching.

Todd Howard has already announced that ES6 is indeed in the works but that it’s a long time away still. Obviously it’s going to be some kind of a technological leap. I am guessing VR-related.

I wouldn’t say no to ES6 being set in Valenwood. In fact, I’d like the next Elder Scrolls to be about the Second Great War against the Aldmeri Dominion with Imperial and Aldmeri forces fighting in Valenwood and the game set in Southern Cyrodiil, Valenwood and parts of the Sumerset Isles.

Oh well, it’s only speculation.

8 responses to “Elder Scrolls VI?

      • Azura’s Watch is amazing, I always play that mod now and roma around the Island. if you want some voice acting for that mod, I would be happy to help.

      • Azura’s Watch is amazing, I always play that mod now and roam around the Island. if you want some voice acting for that mod, I would be happy to help.

  1. Valenwood is a good candidate, considering that the plot is most likely a sequel to the Great War and the events in Skyrim. The Bosmer have a very interesting culture and there’s bound to be new creatures.
    The other great candidate is of course Elsweyr with the Khajiit – who probably have the most diverse culture in all of Tamriel. It’s also a great place to continue on the events in Skyrim. And another plus is the fact that Elsweyr has the desert and the jungle climates so strongly contrasting each other.
    Personally, I must say I’m a bit biased towards Elweyr because of the Khajiit. I’d love to see more of them. But politically, Valenwood is probably of greater interest as a possible ground for an Bosmeri uprising against the Thalmor.
    We’ll see…

    • I think Valenwood or possibly Hammerfell would be mass-appeal candidates since the people inhabiting them are races that people can easily identify with. Personally I’d really like to see Argonia/Black Marsh and Elsweyr too, because it would force Bethesda to go the Morrowind route and create something that’s so unique in culture that it’s a whole lot more interesting to explore and discover. Morrowind was really out there, and it was a good thing. But the uniquness of Morrowind was never mass appeal or mainstream. Cyrodiil with its renaissance culture and Skyrim with its Viking/Norse are. I think we’ll see the Elder Scrolls delve into these more recognizable places and races for years to come.

  2. Ehm. Unrelated to this topic, but maybe you should look into it.

    [quote author=”@seyheb” source=”/post/49281/thread” timestamp=”1469353344″]Well, I briefly tried out Caele this morning. I ran through twice as far as rescuing her father with identical results both times.

    At the burning house, she shed her clothes. Ok fine I thought, it makes it easy to give her something else to wear. I gave her an imperial outfit but she didn’t put it on. I opened her inventory and it wasn’t there, nor were her default clothes. I waited a while then tried giving her some forsworn armour and a cloak and she did wear that.

    After I followed her to her home and she switched to following me, she followed me for a time but then kept walking away. I brought her back with the console, but it kept happening either immediately or after a short interval. Normally if I have any trouble with a follower I attach them to Vilja but I was not offered the option to do so in her case.

    Releasing her father from the prison was fairly straight forward but it took me a number of attempts to speak to her father. I think Caele has to be close by to be able to do so.

    On leaving the prison dungeon, Vilja was invisible. It’s not something I have experienced before, so I suspect it possibly had something to do with this mod.

    Both Caele’s and her father’s voice were difficult to hear if there was noise in the background.

    EDIT: I tried her a third time in order to see if setting the player follower count to zero would help to keep her following, but we didn’t get that far. I was unable to loot the main attacker at the burning house so I was unable to loot and read the orders and progress the quest beyond that point.

    Vilja turned invisible yet again. This time it was before we reached Caele’s home, at the bandit ambush site.

    I abandoned this run through at this point.[/quote]

    • I spent some time playing though the storyline. Gregr certainly needs a new voice recording – volume far too low.
      And there are glitches with him in Vilemyr Inn. And when you look at the mountain range in Dreamland, they disappear.
      When I played with Caele I had Vilja, Inigo and Anduniel following me.
      Of further note – which may be very important or not – is that I don’t use any follower mods such as UFO or AFT and I had Caele last in my load order.

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