Modding is Life

I started playing Oblivion again.

Some years ago, I made a mod called Lindum Village which had an alternative game start function which meant you could bypass the usual dungeon/Emperor killing start of Oblivion and start the game in a little town called Lindum instead.

The mod has really started living its own life since I’ve been gone from the Oblivion scene in a year or two! First, a modder named Highlord90 had a tremendous interest in it, and did some really awesome changes to it. I decided to give him the rights to the mod’s page and, in practice, hand the mod over to him. I wouldn’t play the mod without his changes and work. He’s done an amazing job. Then, just as I reinstalled Oblivion, I noticed another modder, Fienyx, had created a submod of the village called Lindum – Altered featuring his own personal changes to the project too!

This is why we mod. We create stuff together. What I create leads to something else in someone else’s mind, and all of a sudden we have a project that’s expanding and living its own life. I like it!

Every time I play these Bethesda games, I get an itch to get back into modding and start doing something again. I might, we’ll see. At least, I’m not giving up on this blog, so rest assured that anything I do in the future, will be published here. So keep following, although the uploads have been a bit sporadic these days.

15 responses to “Modding is Life

  1. I wish there was enough time to play everything you’d like, but alas there is hardly any time at all 😦
    Looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda, though.

    • You’re so right about that! I have precious little free time these days and there’s just too many new good games that draw my attention that my modding hobby has suffered as a result. M&B Bannerlord’s coming this year too, you know.

    • Those are some amazing screenshots, man! Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the Dibella’s Watch pics, because it requires me to login, but the Azura’s Watch ones were awesome! By the way, where did you find that native stone statue. That one should be officially in the mod!

      • I’ve switched the screenshot to full public.
        I love dibella’s whatch. : D
        My screenshot Hot Place was dibella’s whatch & summerset ilsle mode.

        The stone statue is the work of “che” that wrote on your blog.

        He is still developing your mode.
        I can pass on your opinion or storytelling to him.

      • I saw his comment now! It’s way down in the list. Don’t think I’ve seen it before. I’d like to get in contact with him, for sure, and see more of what he’s done.

      • Now CTD occurs near the luxury hotel.
        Can you check for the same cause in original mode?

        Many people are not getting access to luxury hotels.

        Internally, a CTD occurs occasionally.

  2. Hi, it’s me to working on your mod.
    I didn’t have any problem with Dibella hotel.
    but I want to help him solve the problem too.

    1. here are two links of what I’m working on (ignore file name language)

    if u use CBBE

    if u use another body

    2. u must require KS hairs for now

    3. u also need to download this for now
    change grass on field (recommend)

    and retype skyrim.ini

    4. any nice female eyebrows replacer (recommend)

    5. link to see the video clip

    I added many creatures and few dungeons, so, From now on, you need my help to find them.hhh

    NPCs are traveling now.

    n I’m so glad to finish fuxxin navmeshes.

    Please try to test this and advise me.

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