Mom’s Basement progress

This is what Mom’s Basement looks like. This is only the barebones beginning, but due to the crashing problems I have with the CK2.0, it’s taken me many days to get this far. In fact, I can’t see myself doing anything more on it, because there’s lots to do still with decorating and adding custom assets and stuff, not to mention adding the NPC’s and the NavMesh, which is going to be a hellish experience in this ill-working POS CK. It was a nice dream though but I think I’ll say good bye to Fallout4 with this.

Fallout 4 CK constant crashing solution?

I need to paste it here before I forget this link:

It seems following the steps outlined in the above link, I’ve made my Fallout 4 Creation Kit work a whole lot better. There was a Windows “service” interfering with the CK. Disabling that useless so-called service seems to have solved my constant crashing problems. I’m on Win8.1 but this should work for Win10 as well.

It SEEMS to have solved my crashing, with emphasis on seems, because I’ve not tested it enough yet and I’m too tired to continue modding right now. More tomorrow. At least I could finally get into the editing screen for computer terminals without crashing and make my own first terminal.

EDIT: The above solution has alleviated some crashing, like getting into menus. The rest of the crashing is still here however, and hasn’t been solved. Sigh. I’ve been modding for half an hour now and crashed two times already which is not a very sustainable situation.

Mom’s Basement

I am actually creating a mod for Fallout 4 right now. I wanted to do something small just to check out the new Creation Kit. For all Elder Scrolls games, since Morrowind, I’ve done the Alcoholics Guild, which is only a little house with a couple of NPC’s in it. I’m trying to create something similar for Fallout 4, but with a spin. This time, the environment is going to be a basement with three nerds living there.

The Fallout Creation kit is really touchy though and not at all fun to work with. It’s constantly crashing; many times just randomly, making the process very frustrating and time-consuming. You need the patience of a god. If I ever finish this mod – which I doubt – it will be the first and last mod for this game just because their CK is so unbelievably unstable. Bethesda says they built the game with this crashing POS. Yeah sure.


The three nerds live in Mom’s Basement, where they’ve spent the last two centuries playing the famous pen and paper RPG Vaults and Dragons, as well as Atomic Command on their computer terminals. They’re quite oblivious as to what has happened in the world upstairs. They’ve probably survived drinking irradiated water that has been leaking from the nearby chemical plant in Malden.

I’ve created the upper house as well as the layout of the basement. Currently, I’m decorating the interior. Stay tuned for more. I can’t promise a proper Nexus release, because I don’t know how high quality this work will be (due to ill-working CK), but I’ll publish what I have on this blog later on. We’ll see where this takes us; it’s just an experiment with the new CK2.0.