My Mods

I’ve been releasing mods online since 2005. Here they all are, sorted after game.


Alcoholics Guild (2005)

Tel Nechim (2007)


Runestone Village (2009-10)

Mage’s Cross (2010)

Lilyvale Town (2010)

Eastbrink Town (2011)

Dibella’s Watch (2011)

AltStart Village Lindum (2014)

Lindum Overhaul (2018)


Frontier (2012-)

Caele (2013)

Azura’s Watch (2014-)

Alcoholics Guild 2015 (2015)

Azura’s Dawn (2015)

Camp Argentum (2016)

Camp Varglya (2016)

Ashlander Camp New Zainab (2016)

Project Book Coop with ShadowOf Godless (2017)

Civilization IV

The Hundred Years’ War (2010)

Fairy Tale (2010)

Distant Worlds

Human Revolution (2013)

Age of Wonders III

Fairy Tale Europe Scenario (2015)

Planet Explorers

Antiscamp’s Building ISO’s (2014)

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