The Latest Work

I’ve been working on detailing the landscape further. Some areas get a huge amount of detail added to them, like the City of Anvil Nova itself. Also, I’ve been detailing the woods north of the civilized colonial areas; some areas over there are scary in their detail now.


I’ve also been adding a few select resources. Tamira’s Greco-Roman Ancient Statue came in handy. The southern colony in this land is heavily inspired by the Roman colonization of Britannia, actually, so I’ve been looking for a thing like this. Oh, while you’re at it – check out Tamira’s Sepredia Player Home mod, where she makes use of the statue.



Finally, again, here’s a screenshot of my Warlord on visit in Anvil Nova. The Civilized areas aren’t quite to his liking, but the Barbarian camps up north make him feel just like home.


Orvar the Smith

Here’s the first working man in Anvil Nova. It’s a joy to see when the NavMesh and AI packages come together and really work as intended. Orvar works outside during the days and goes inside during the evenings. His wife runs the shop inside.

I wanted to start with the town smith because he creates nice, atmospheric sounds when he’s working during the days. His hammering can be heard all over town.

TESV 2013-04-13 11-37-31-24

NavMesh, my old friend

NavMesh is the fear of all Skyrim modders. NavMesh is the area which specifies where NPC’s can walk and move, and it needs to be done for both exteriors and interiors. In the editor it shows up as a red area made up of lots of little triangles pasted on the environment. In-game, it doesn’t show at all, so the player won’t notice a thing. Only when NPC’s start moving strangely or followers stop following.

Most of Anvil Nova is done with NavMesh at this point and looking fine. In some sick, perverted, way I find it fun too to create NavMesh, although it’s considered probably the most tedious process in the entire modding experience in Skyrim. I think Bethesda could have solved this better.

I need to start by NavMeshing the towns and cities and then the roads in-between them properly. All other NavMesh will be half-hearted until later. If I try to do all the NavMesh perfectly from the start, I’ll drown under the workload. So a bit at a time. At least, Anvil Nova is going to function perfectly with NPC’s and NavMesh by the next alpha update! Yay!

NavMesh in Anvil Nova.

NavMesh in Anvil Nova.



Creating NPC’s is a lot of fun and actually one of my favourite parts. Here’s one of the city guards in Anvil Nova already. Fully uniformed and ready to serve and protect.

I might release an addition to the alpha later on when I’ve created all the NPC’s in the capital and in its surrounding areas so you’ll get to see how they really affect the atmosphere of the place.

TESV 2013-04-11 20-15-14-51

Move along, Outlander!

A great view


This is the view Frontier supplies when you approach Anvil Nova from the north. If the weather permits, it really looks quite impressive. The city of Anvil Nova is seen there to the left. Farms and mills dot the landscape around the city; to the right, you can see Cilicia Prison. At the top of the scene, you can see Godfrey island and the town of Vestra, which is situated on what looks like a peninsula from this distance.

The horizon looks better in vanilla lighting. I’m using a mod. Nonetheless, I do need to work on the horizon. Either resizing the worldspace to extend further south will help, or I’ll use some other trickery.

A new harbour

I was really not satisfied with how the harbour in the city of Anvil Nova looked. It was just a couple of docks sticking out into the water and it didn’t look like an important port, where a lot of trade goes, in any way.

So I redesigned it only by pulling the lighthouse further out into the sea, built docks leading up to it, and also built a harbour fort on the other side. Now it looks like these two constructions create a framework for the harbour and it looks much more impressive in-game. More ships and docks added as well. And clutter to reflect the ongoing trade with the rest of Tamriel.

This is probably the hundredth redesign of the City of Anvil Nova. Geez. When will I be completely satisfied with it!?

This is the redesigned harbour at Anvil Nova. The new fort is seen to the left, the lighthouse to the right.

The updated city map of Anvil Nova. The harbour looks much more appropriate for a bustling medieval city.