Dressing the army of The Frontier is really fun. I’ve found this Imperial Legion mod which supplies excellent retextures of Imperial gear: Perfect Legionnaire – Imperial Armor Reforged by Ali Bengali and Aremeta, and I’ve obtained permission from the mod author to use his work in Frontier. He has created really good looking retextures which come in both Red and Blue variations. I was thinking that I will uniform town guards in the blue and the border troops out at the legion camps in red uniforms/armour.

In the picture we see here, I’ve also outfitted the soldier with gauntlets, helmet and boots from Baraban’s Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate. This makes the soldier look like precisely the combination of Medieval and Roman I wanted all along. It really looks very sexy in-game too and beats Bethesda’s sorry excuse for town guard armour by approximately two miles.

The Perfect Legionnaire mod also includes armour that I can use for both light troops (archers), regular soldiers as well as officers. A red cloak on higher ranking officers will signify that they’re generals or camp commanders. I also have a plan to uniform The Protektor’s Guard, the ultimate elite unit of the Frontier responsible for the protection of the Castle in Anvil Nova and guarding the Protektor.

All the units of the Frontier’s army are based at Roman-inspired military camps. They are mostly heavy infantry of the type seen in the picture, but these legions have cavalry as well as archers attached as well. Maybe even auxiliaries (troops recruited among the barbarians). So much to do. So little time.

Armour on The Frontier

I want proper armour on the Frontier. I want proper medieval-looking armour for real men. The time hasn’t come quite yet to start dressing the settlers, but there’s no harm in scouting out the good stuff already. So over the past weeks, I’ve been playing a character wearing this. Baraban’s Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate. I am really in love with it because of its high-quality texture work and, of course, its superior meshes ported from Witcher 2 (Yes, it’s possible. CD Projekt is far more relaxed to porting than, for an example, Bethesda which won’t even allow porting between their own games!).

Baraban has kindly accepted my request for permission to use it in Frontier. Here, on the Frontier, it will dress the heavy cavalry as well as parts of the nobility. This is what the barons, crusaders and knights will be wearing, and they will look the part. There are also variations on helmets as well as a shield attached to Baraban’s mod! Go download it already if you want to dress like a Frontier Baron today.

I still need more in the terms of clothing and armour. Clothing itself is a headache. There’s lots of skimpy stuff being made (nothing bad with that really – it’s what the Elder Scrolls is all about, innit?), but no serious clothing project I know of. The Frontier will be needing medieval and/or Roman inspired proper clothes for lower-, middle, and upper classes. I am also interested in all forms of good quality armour. The regular army of the Frontier will be needing something that looks like Roman armour mixed with medieval. If you have any suggestions or know links or artists that may be of assistance in this department, shoot me a comment!