Yurt Interior


Ashlanders lived in Yurts (tents), and this is the inside of the Ashkhan’s (chief’s) Yurt in Camp New Zainab. I am bleedin’ pleased with the result. I guess, it’ll also function as a very basic player home, like in my previous Imperial and Stormcloak camps. There will be more Yurt interiors in this camp though, populated by NPC’s.

Move along, Outlander!


From now on, Azura’s Watch will require the Dragonborn DLC. I tried to keep the DLC out of it, but it was inevitable really. I’ve been playing around with adding Dragonborn before, but it had to happen now, as it has a lot of great resources that I can use in the mod. among other things, there are these excellent armours and outfits for my Dark Elf Ashlanders, like the classic Chitin Armour seen here.

Mushrooms and Progress

I’ve made good progress. I’ve implemented some new more Morrowind-like mushrooms I got from Tamira. If you’ve been following the mod’s progress, you know I love Morrowind mushrooms. For now, they’re present near the Ashlander Camp; I’m imagining that the Ashlanders brought them with them to the island when they moved over from Morrowind and that these mushrooms are now competing with the indigenous plantlife. Much like what happened in America, Australia and other parts when European colonists arrived. Oh, and how the potatoe was brought to Europe from America, and other historical processes.

I’ve added lots of NPC’s, detailing and other things as well. I’ve added a new building to the colony which still needs an interior. It’s an abandoned chapel. People in Azura’s Watch aren’t really religious, so the chapel is kinda run-down. It’s going to be the home of a monk though, the island’s intellectual, and perhaps house a proper library. I’m planning to create a new little archipelago of islands in the east with palm trees, white beaches and mushrooms. Gah! There’s so much to do and I still haven’t begun creating NPC’s for the three native camps!