More love for Dibella

This is the entry hall to Dibella’s Monastery on the island of Godfrey. The light conditions in there ended up being pretty much perfect. I’m probably going to use this entry hall to screenshoot my Skyrim characters. It’s really a semi-interior. The monastery is built into the mountain and I wanted the interior to reflect that. I used more of Tamira’s plants too.

Dibella deserves a lot of love.

Godfrey Dibella’s Monastery

Dibella needs an own part of the Frontier since I’m a fan of hers. I like her ideas about love and beauty. I based my entire Oblivion mod “Dibella’s Watch” on her and now I’m importing her to Frontier too. There’s a small island off the south coast of The Frontier called Godfrey, which I had already assigned to her cult. On this island, I’ve now built the exterior of her temple and monastery, and it’s looking good.

I was really going to do more this weekend. I have some new plants and trees to paste, but I need to add them later.

The last patch of land

I’ve now cleared the last patch of land available to build Primby Village, the small patch of land out at the end of Primby Cliff. This will be the home of a proper farm. It was my vision way before I even started this mod that this land would be occupied by at least a windmill, so I do hope that the windmill mesh isn’t touched by the missing meshes bug, but we’ll see. I have already raised a shrine in honour of my all-time favourite Goddess, Dibella, at the very end of the cliff.

I just have a bit of fixing still and then I can start on the farm.

More People and Places

No rest here. I am continuing with creating more people in Primby as well as creating new buildings and interiors. I’ve made an interior for the Governor of Primby. I haven’t created the governor himself yet though, but his seriously upper class quarters look pretty cool with a Dibella statue and even running water. Creating upper class environments is usually no fun, but this turned out OK.

I added a bakery too. Sugardaddy’s Bakery. Sugardaddy himself is the greatest womanizer in town and quite a character. Here are some screenies of the new environments. Sugardaddy’s Bakery from the CK, while the Governor’s Quarters was shot in-game.

The Governor's Quarters


Sugardaddy's Bakery