The Details

Today I’ve been down south and just having fun with creating some detail locations there. While I want the cold north to be mostly wilderness with as little sign of settlement as possible, I can really go wild in the settled south though. Expect a lot of locations that are unmarked on your map when exploring the south.

First, a view from Dirch again and the Legion camp attached to the town. Then, a small poacher’s camp in the middle of the green southern woods. Finally, a statue to Azura’s honour. No Elder Scrolls continent with self-respect should be without an Azura shrine! Although she looks camouflaged among the mountain rock, she can be seen all the way to Windum.

Beautiful Dirch

Dirch isn’t the most beautiful place in Nirn, if you look at it. Here are some pictures from Castle Blackcrow, The Dirch Canyon as well as the Dirch Dircinium mines.


TESV 2012-12-16 10-08-49-30

I got tired of being in the snow all the time, so I started creating some stuff for the sunny south again. There’s still some things to be done there. This is the town of Dirch. Dirch is really a hellhole; a small town with a nearby military camp and that gloomy castle which can be seen in the background. And then there are the mines nearby.

My idea is that the baron of the castle has been deposed by the government in Anvil Nova and he’s now living out in the woods with a band of resistance fighters. The government calls them bandits and outlaws, but they are really some kind of Robin Hood-inspired “take from the rich, give to the poor” type of people. They’ve been fighting their secret war for years, and the resolution to their struggle will be witnessed as a part of the main quest.

From Ore to Helmet

There’s a special material on The Frontier which is found nowhere else. It is called Dircinium, named after the town where it was first discovered – Dirch. Since I’ve invented the material, it also has to be of some use. I need to have a process where you can go down into the mine, mine the ore and ultimately create something from it too. It took me a while to figure out, but now I have the process in place.

This is the Dirch Mine. It’s going to be filled with the valuable Dircinium, but for testing purposes I placed only one vein down there at the bottom. My gentleman testperson looks a bit sad and needs to have something sexy to dress in to impress the ladies.

Mining Dircinium works well. Two Ores are added to his inventory as he hacks away at the vein.

Off to the smelter to produce ingots from the extracted ore then. Dirch is a small mining town and has all the facilities; smelters, smiths, workbenches and so on. The gentleman quickly produces his ingots.

I’ve added the Dircinium Armour pieces under Steel. Only the basic Steel smithing perk is required. I figure that since Dircinium is such a rare resource and only found on the Frontier, low smithing requirements are suitable. Just add a few leather strips to the mix and the man produces this chickmagnet of a helmet!

Ladies! Look at me! I produced my own helmet! Who wants to go out!? Ladies!?” Oh. I forgot. There are no ladies yet to impress in Frontier.