Azura’s Watch: Alpha 03

CONTENTS: This version takes approximately 2GB HD space. The packed download is 709,72MB’s large. A BSA is included. LODSettings are included as well as a non-bsa’ed Sounds folder. If you’re updating from Alpha02, please make sure you’ve deleted all material from Alpha02 before installing this update.

INSTALLATION: Install manually. Get to Azura’s Watch by console warping onto the docks of Colonia (cow AzurasWatch -8,-4), or if you want a more interesting starting location, try cow AzurasWatch 1,-8. The file has not been cleaned. Only download if you have a true interest in the mod progress and/or want to give feedback, and if you know how to do the above mentioned things. Else wait for the proper Nexus beta release (planned next month).

REQUIREMENT: This version requires The XP32 Skeleton or similar (The second file in the Download list: XPMS 1-93a), otherwise it’ll crash. This is because of all the unique NPC’s, some with custom faces created in RaceMenu. It’s easy to install and remove later if need be.

FEEDBACK: Do provide feedback. You can comment on this blog. You can write me on SkyrimNexus or TesAlliance. You can E-Mail (Antiscamp[a] me. I’m on Twitter as well.

As always, this is an Alpha and glitches are to be expected. I’ve personally tested the mod on two systems with vanilla installs and it runs well, but I can’t guarantee anything. FPS and performance was noted to be adequate in a vanilla environment. Some areas are taxing especially in the heavily populated areas. Tamira has also tested the mod on her end.

KNOWN ISSUES: The Pirate Base in the east is buggy. I forgot to include some new stuff in the BSA I had gotten from Tamira. Doors are flying around weirdly and some floor textures are missing.

The mod contains adult references; you know – drugs, sex and rock n’ roll. If fun stuff like that ticks you off, go play Angry Lego Batman instead.