The Bookstore

It just so happens that I stumbled into modding again. One day I found this promising mod project on the Nexus where there’s going to be a bookstore where the player can buy books written by the Elder Scrolls community! Very interesting! So I decided to sign up and help the mod author create the shop itself. The past days, I’ve been working hard at creating the Riverwood Bookstore.

Go check out Project Book on the Nexus and help ShadowOfGodless and me create this mod! We need people to write books for it too; there are instructions on the mod’s Nexus page for anyone interested. This shop itself will be available in the download on that page during the weekend!

Modding is Life

I started playing Oblivion again.

Some years ago, I made a mod called Lindum Village which had an alternative game start function which meant you could bypass the usual dungeon/Emperor killing start of Oblivion and start the game in a little town called Lindum instead.

The mod has really started living its own life since I’ve been gone from the Oblivion scene in a year or two! First, a modder named Highlord90 had a tremendous interest in it, and did some really awesome changes to it. I decided to give him the rights to the mod’s page and, in practice, hand the mod over to him. I wouldn’t play the mod without his changes and work. He’s done an amazing job. Then, just as I reinstalled Oblivion, I noticed another modder, Fienyx, had created a submod of the village called Lindum – Altered featuring his own personal changes to the project too!

This is why we mod. We create stuff together. What I create leads to something else in someone else’s mind, and all of a sudden we have a project that’s expanding and living its own life. I like it!

Every time I play these Bethesda games, I get an itch to get back into modding and start doing something again. I might, we’ll see. At least, I’m not giving up on this blog, so rest assured that anything I do in the future, will be published here. So keep following, although the uploads have been a bit sporadic these days.

Camp Castrum

A Roman Military camp was called a Castrum. I actually had to decide whether to call it Castrum Argentum, or go with the English Camp Argentum. I decided to use the English version Camp Argentum. It sells better. The Latin word Castrum lives on in English; we get the word “Castle” from there. The word “Camp” comes from the Latin “Campus”, which was a Roman training field outside the military camp. Oh, and Argentum is the Latin word for Silver, so Camp Silver.

The great thing about recreating a historical Roman camp in a fantasy game like Skyrim, is that I don’t have to be entirely historically correct, but can take great liberties and am allowed to do so. This, while I follow history for inspiration and general outlines.

Right now, I’m filling the camp with Imperial soldiers. I have five Legionaries and one Quaestor already, and one battlemage. They will all be recruitable as followers. Most of the soldiers will be Imperial males, but I made the battlemage and the Quaestor female. I’ll also have auxiliaries of different races. An Orc is a must; maybe working the camp’s forge. Look at my snazzy Roman battle standard in the screenshot!


Proper Furniture


I found this furniture set on the Nexus tonight and I needed to add them to the mod asap, because this is pretty much what I’ve wanted in the mod for a long time. I have a lot of redecorating to do in my interiors now. Many thanks to Garnet for producing this furniture set, The Wicker Set.

I’ve been playing the game a lot in the meantime. Here’s a really lovely screenshot I made of my main character and her private army. they almost look alive!


Tear This Wall Down!

Bethesda and Steam have rolled back their pay wall in response to the outrage among Skyrim’s fans about paid mods. For once, in this cruel world of injustice and corporate greed, the good guys win. The masses of the video games community have risen up and made Steam and Bethesda withdraw their absurd idea.

Not only has the Elder Scrolls been protected, but other games as well, since they were planning to introduce paid mods in other areas too. They will try again in the future, they will try to sneak it in by subversion, because that’s the nature of these forces, but for now, the Elder Scrolls modding scene is free from money interests. Stay vigilant!

Remember this, people: This was democracy and people power in practice! If we all rise up and outrage about injustice in the world, they can’t stop us. Not the governments, not the corporations or banks or anyone else. They can’t stop us! They are few, we are many. We Are Legion!

The Map

I’ve done some good detailing tonight. I love detailing, but I sincerely hope that I’m not doing too much here. I don’t want to kill anyone’s computer. At least, now when I have a stable Skyrim again, the performance of the mod is excellent.


I can’t have a mod by the name Azura’s Watch without clear references to the goddess herself. The initial settlers named the land after her, and they set down this monument in the very location where they stepped ashore for the first time.


Some underwater details in the harbour of Colonia. I honestly didn’t know that my ENB (Seasons of Skyrim) did such a good job under water! Wow! I threw about some crates, barrels and wood planks. Not that many players are going to see the effort though, but that’s what detailing is all about.


Oh, and I updated the LOD, which made it possible to create this map of the island. Here we see all the map markers revealed and some of them named as well. Pretty impressive stuff already, if you ask me. Yes, I’m bragging.