Updated LOD

So the LOD generation caused me some real headache this morning. I’ve been fighting with it for several hours. A certain function in Bethesda’s Creation Kit didn’t work and it’s been working for years. Ever since I started doing landmass mods for Skyrim. I’ve solved it now, but it took a lot of energy. Right now, I’m sitting here on my beautiful island with working, proper LOD for all areas. The next preview version of Azura’s Watch is actually ready to go! This, although I didn’t finish many of the things I wanted in it. But that’s ALWAYS how it is anyways.

Now I just need Azura the Cat and my wife to wake up so I can use her computer to test that all the parts for the Alpha 02 upload are in place. Expect the download to be ready later today!

The Pool Room


I took some inspiration from a location I’ve already created for the grand Frontier project to create this pool room in Azura’s Watch. Turned out fine.

This is actually the last of all the interior locations I needed to create. The whole colony now has proper interiors; 95% of them decorated, detailed, NavMeshed and ready to go. That means the next Beta Version is imminent. I just need to do some landscape LOD generation. I hope that can be done tomorrow.

The next step is a whole lot more fun than interiors. I’m going to continue detailing the exteriors of the island. The very east of the island needs some serious love! At least, it seems like I overcame interior fatigue, eh!

BSA Problem

OK, I’ve hit a problem with generating BSA’s for Azura’s Watch. BSA files are great, because I can pack down all the resources I use for the mod in one compressed file. This means my mod won’t overwrite anything on the end user’s computer or mess with their Data files directory, as opposed to just packing down my mod with loose files. At this point, it might not even matter, but in the end, I’d really like to work with BSA’s.

The problem with my BSA is that when testing it on my wife’s computer, the Distant Land LOD won’t show up in-game. It’s obviously not read from the BSA. If I pack the LOD separate, the rest of the resources in the BSA won’t show up instead. It’s a dilemma.

Geezus! And it’s too hot for me to think straight right now. It’s like 40 degrees Celsius around here and I can’t stand the heat. I mean, I can take it in my tropical mod, but not in real life. Gonna leave you with a screenshot again. Cheers.


Oh, by the way. All my screenshots are done with the Seasons of Skyrim ENB. I’ll make some vanilla screenshots later on too, to show how the mod looks in an unmodded, vanilla state of Skyrim. From what I saw on my wife’s machine, Azura’s Watch looks pretty good vanilla too!

Frontier: Azura’s Watch

In 2011, I published a grand mod for Oblivion called Dibella’s Watch. In a way, Azura’s Watch for Skyrim is going to be its spiritual successor. Also, I consider Azura’s Watch a part of my Frontier project.

The old mod Frontier is not dead at all. Back when I was most hard at work upon it, I met some setbacks that eradicated a lot of my work on it and was really demoralizing. I then got into YouTube Let’s Playing and creating videos was so much fun that it took most of my free time. I never got around to repairing the damage on Frontier. I’ve been pondering what to do with it; I’ve been thinking about everything from just giving it away to other modders, to involving a modding team and to actually just giving it up. But Hell no. It will take a long time though, to finish, but that’s what I said when I started it as well. If it so takes ten years, I’m going to finish it and I’m going to finish it the way I set out to do it.

I have spent a lot of time playing Skyrim, and I really want to give something back, and do it while the game is “still alive” (I expect Fallout 4 to be announced soon and then everyone’s out of here). That’s why I’ve decided to start Azura’s Watch, a side project to Frontier. I’m working with a smaller landmass this time, in fact, it’s much smaller than the very large Frontier landmass and it’s even somewhat smaller than Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion. This makes it so that I can realistically push the mod out with a lot of good-looking and well-functioning content in a short time and also have realistic hopes of finishing the stuff while people are still playing Skyrim.

The goals with Azura’s Watch are simple and not pretentious in any way. I’m setting out to create a beautiful Caribbean-looking island, a resort for the Dragonborn; colourful, full of Caribbean/Pirate/Tropical clichées. Landscape and interiors will be astonishingly beautiful and detailed. Screw lorefriendliness, although I’m going to stick to it wherever possible. Quest implementation won’t be imperative, but I’m going to try and get together some missions if I have the time. If the island remains a peaceful paradise with no quests or enemies, I’m good. Azura’s Watch is an own worldspace and an own mod, but when the old Frontier gets done, I’m going to tie them together.

I was going to put out version 01 tonight, but I met some problems. LOD won’t work with my BSA file. Need to find a way around it. Maybe publish the LOD independent of the BSA and at the side. Anyways, you’re soon going to get to visit the island and witness its beauty. The whole exterior area is done at this point, and I’ve started on the interiors, which is phase 2. Phase 3 involves the NPC’s and I’m also going to make a specific new race, based on Imperials.

The Latest Work

I’ve been working on detailing the landscape further. Some areas get a huge amount of detail added to them, like the City of Anvil Nova itself. Also, I’ve been detailing the woods north of the civilized colonial areas; some areas over there are scary in their detail now.


I’ve also been adding a few select resources. Tamira’s Greco-Roman Ancient Statue came in handy. The southern colony in this land is heavily inspired by the Roman colonization of Britannia, actually, so I’ve been looking for a thing like this. Oh, while you’re at it – check out Tamira’s Sepredia Player Home mod, where she makes use of the statue.



Finally, again, here’s a screenshot of my Warlord on visit in Anvil Nova. The Civilized areas aren’t quite to his liking, but the Barbarian camps up north make him feel just like home.