Fallout 4

Yes, Fallout 4. I never really played the old Fallouts. I have 3 and NV, but I’ve played NV like 25 hours, so, in my book, it wasn’t a hit. There’s something about the hypothetical 60’s nuclear destruction slash post-apocalyptic world that doesn’t grab me. I will get Four when it’s out, but don’t expect any love from me.

The game’s graphics has already come under criticism, based on what has been seen in the trailer. I don’t care about graphics. I’ve played Distant Worlds for a thousand hours, for God’s sake!

Nonetheless, with Fallout being Bethesda’s focus right now, and Elder Scrolls VI far away, it seems like there’s a couple of years of modding work in Skyrim still to be done. And that’s OK by me. I still haven’t released any really big mod, so I’m happy to get some more time with old Skyrim. Expect me to be here, because i have a lot of ideas I want to realize. Best of luck to Fallout 4 though.