Camp Lion

All the Legion Camps in Frontier have names after predators. I’ve already created Camp Wolf, and today I created Camp Lion. Only one camp to go, because there are three Legions protecting the border against the barbarians.

Camp Lion is situated in the west. Its strategic location is perfect. In case of barbarian incursions to the west, the Legion can quickly march to confront them, and in case the enemy decides to strike along the north-south road between Anvil Nova and Carnar, the Legion can march through the Bloodstain Pass in support of Wolf Legion, which protects that vital road.

Again, Camp Lion was built in Roman military camp fashion and I used Meo’s Tents For All resource for the tents. The Lion Legion has a high number of cavalry attached since its home base is located on the Grassy Plains near Tyrrha, known for its stables and breeding of excellent horses. The soldier in the picture is dressed in Officer’s Armour.