A Pocket of Morrowind


I can’t imagine how many hours I spent in Morrowind back in the day. It’s quite an eerie experience to be creating a little pocket of Old Morrowind in Skyrim.

I added Dragonborn DLC dependancy because I need the Chitin and Bonemold armours, and also added the music from the DLC to the Yurt interiors. Some of the music in the Dragonborn DLC is from Morrowind and it’s quite something having those old songs I’ve heard so many times in the old game play again in my Skyrim mod. Even the great mushrooms look like they’re straight from the Ascadian Isles. Nostalgia, indeed!

I’ve also found some Bonemold and Chitin weapons that I’m going to add, because, for some reason, Bethesda didn’t supply them.

Yurt Interior


Ashlanders lived in Yurts (tents), and this is the inside of the Ashkhan’s (chief’s) Yurt in Camp New Zainab. I am bleedin’ pleased with the result. I guess, it’ll also function as a very basic player home, like in my previous Imperial and Stormcloak camps. There will be more Yurt interiors in this camp though, populated by NPC’s.

Stage is Set

I’ve finished Camp Varglya’s exterior, its interior cell (the Commander’s tent) and also NavMeshed it all. Took me one day. Next up is adding the Stormcloak soldiers manning the camp. That’s going to be fun!