The Stormcloak Version

I’ve also published a Stormcloak version of Camp Argentum. This version of the .esp, found in the Optional Files, will make the Imperial camp inhabitants aggressive towards the player. It’s meant for Stormcloak gameplay, but is also suitable for others who want to fight the Legion. They’re also set to respawn. Furthermore, I updated the camp design a bit; added fires burning, smoke and threw the statics around a bit to make it all look more like a battlefield, and it looks epic indeed.


Some Screenies from Argentum

Here are some screenshots from my Camp Argentum.

2016-01-15_00003I’m using another texture for the tents than in the previous screenshots. This looks more military.

2016-01-15_00004Inside the Centurion’s Tent, the only enterable cell in the Camp.

2016-01-15_00002Morning roll call. The soldiers stand at attention, waiting to be inspected.

2016-01-15_00001All the thirteen soldiers at the camp have files with background stories and some info.

The Legion Soldiers

I now have thirteen soldiers manning the camp. I’ve got everything from officers and regular soldiers, a signifer (Roman standard bearer) to a Battlemage, an archer, an Orc smith and so on. They all have AI packages, which includes a “roll call” at 5 in the morning when they all line up in the middle of the camp. They are all recruitable as followers. Some of them might look similar, which soldiers are supposed to do in their uniforms, but they all have an individual file with background stories I’ve written (readable in the Centurion’s Tent file cabinet). The camp is just a small mod, but is now so polished and well-working that I’ll release it on the Nexus this weekend. Bloody good for roleplaying an Imperial soldier or officer. Stay tuned.

Camp Argentum

Here’s a little thing I’m working on. My Imperial Legion officer character didn’t have a suitable home, so I made him Camp Argentum, where he also gathers his special legion cohort. I don’t know if I’ll ever release this one, since it’s very specific for my character, but it’s fun to create. I’ve been using Meo’s tents. Just like back in the good old days. It’s loosely based on real Roman camp designs.

Sunday Morning Walk in Azura’s Watch

Here are some images from my main modding project, Azura’s Watch. The Azura’s Dawn mansion mod is just a small precursor to this one. I’ve been working on my tropical island paradise, on and off, since July last year. I have to release another beta version soon.

Azura’s Dawn Beta 01

The Azura’s Dawn Mansion is ready for Beta 01. I tested it myself on my wife’s computer and it’s in a very good shape. This is the beta version published before a proper Nexus release.

The mod is still lacking NPC’s and some sort of immersive function for the player to acquire the mansion, but otherwise it’s done. Right now, you can just enter, explore and take and use all the stuff in there. The map marker is visible in the Rift, about halfway between Riften and Ivarstead. You can travel there instantly.

Some minor clipping problems occur at doors in the house. The mod has not been cleaned. There’s a BSA with the meshes and textures as well as a separate music folder. A .txt with credits to the resource creators is provided, but not really filled in with all links yet. Manual installation required. The compressed folder is a 58MB download. The mod was created using Seasons of Skyrim ENB; for full effect, turn down game brightness to zero.

DOWNLOAD FROM MEDIAFIRE Do not download unless you know how to manually install or are interested in giving feedback and testing. Provide feedback here on the blog or by PM’ing me on Nexus (I’m known as Antiscamp over there as well). Alternatively mail me at Antiscamp (a)