Steady As She Goes

A big day for Azura’s Watch as the new, real ship sails into port. Take a look at that beauty! Now that’s a ship! A real, Cyrodiilic ship! Special thanks go out to MarkusLiberty, Tamira and 1shoedpunk for working on this glorious piece of awesome. It’s available as a modder’s resource here as The Cyrodiil Ship and Boat Resource and is part of the Beyond Skyrim Project. Now I can finally retire the old ship models that weren’t no good.

It’s a Sign!


My new sign in NifSkope.

I’m quite amazed to see that nobody has published empty shop/tavern signs as modding resources for Skyrim. I had to make my own, which I’ve been putting off, because I’m no texturer. It is quite easy really once you’ve extracted the files from the vanilla BSA’s. I just needed to get rid of the vanilla text and symbol from the vanilla texture and then add my own text. Then save it down as a DDS and add it to the model. I now have an “empty” sign to work with and can make as many signs as I want. Phew, but Yay!

And the sign in-game. You can jump up at it and it moves properly.

And the sign in-game. You can jump up at it and it moves properly.

If someone finds this post and needs the empty sign (just a blank wooden background – no text or symbol) as a modder’s resource, just tell me and I’ll send it over to you. I googled them for many years (literally) and couldn’t find any.

Stroti’s Old Cabin

Stroti was one of the very best who created resources for Oblivion. I used quite a lot of his stuff in Dibella’s Watch. Now, I’m proud to be able to use his Stroti’s Old Cabin Resource as well. This resource is ported to Skyrim from Oblivion by my friend Tamira. This little cabin fits perfectly in Frontier.

I already used it to create a small witch’s cabin out in the woods, and it really does look the part.

New Plants

Thanks go to Tamira and¬†Yughues for the New Plants. Modders like me live on the fact that people are producing and sharing modder’s resources. The new plants are perfect for spicing up interiors. Here they are seen in action in one of the… erm… spicier interiors of Frontier.