Modding is Life

I started playing Oblivion again.

Some years ago, I made a mod called Lindum Village which had an alternative game start function which meant you could bypass the usual dungeon/Emperor killing start of Oblivion and start the game in a little town called Lindum instead.

The mod has really started living its own life since I’ve been gone from the Oblivion scene in a year or two! First, a modder named Highlord90 had a tremendous interest in it, and did some really awesome changes to it. I decided to give him the rights to the mod’s page and, in practice, hand the mod over to him. I wouldn’t play the mod without his changes and work. He’s done an amazing job. Then, just as I reinstalled Oblivion, I noticed another modder, Fienyx, had created a submod of the village called Lindum – Altered featuring his own personal changes to the project too!

This is why we mod. We create stuff together. What I create leads to something else in someone else’s mind, and all of a sudden we have a project that’s expanding and living its own life. I like it!

Every time I play these Bethesda games, I get an itch to get back into modding and start doing something again. I might, we’ll see. At least, I’m not giving up on this blog, so rest assured that anything I do in the future, will be published here. So keep following, although the uploads have been a bit sporadic these days.

Fallout 4

Yes, Fallout 4. I never really played the old Fallouts. I have 3 and NV, but I’ve played NV like 25 hours, so, in my book, it wasn’t a hit. There’s something about the hypothetical 60’s nuclear destruction slash post-apocalyptic world that doesn’t grab me. I will get Four when it’s out, but don’t expect any love from me.

The game’s graphics has already come under criticism, based on what has been seen in the trailer. I don’t care about graphics. I’ve played Distant Worlds for a thousand hours, for God’s sake!

Nonetheless, with Fallout being Bethesda’s focus right now, and Elder Scrolls VI far away, it seems like there’s a couple of years of modding work in Skyrim still to be done. And that’s OK by me. I still haven’t released any really big mod, so I’m happy to get some more time with old Skyrim. Expect me to be here, because i have a lot of ideas I want to realize. Best of luck to Fallout 4 though.

The Hotel Corridors


It  has taken me all day long to create the South Wing of the Dibella Luxury Hotel, which I’m working on now. The South Wing is where the guests’ rooms are, luxury suites, actually. There are three suites. They all started looking very similar and boring, so while I wanted to maintain some form of similarity for the rooms, I decided to just colour code them to make each of them stand out. There’s even a small bathroom with running water in each and every one of them.

There’s still NavMesh to be done here, and I want a maid to be sweeping the floor in that long corridor to add to the atmosphere as well! Tonight, I’ll start creating the Imperial Suite, the biggest and fanciest of the hotel’s rooms. I really want it to stand out.


Here’s Chantelle Newland, the Farmer’s Daughter. I’ve shown her before, but here she is in the glory of her new face. A proud face, for a proud girl.

The Creation of an Island

Let’s create one of those minor islands. When I do my islands, it’s easy to start putting stuff on there, like people, hidden campsites, treasures and other marks of civilization. Let’s make one that has no signs of civilization at all. An unexplored paradise island!

2015-03-01_00004Starting out. Just raising land and putting down the basic textures.

2015-03-01_00005Here we go with some rocks to give it some shape.

2015-03-01_00007Basic foliage too.

2015-03-01_00008Time for the trees. Mostly palm trees, of course.

2015-03-01_00009Aha! The final detailing with small plants, but also birds, sounds and I also added another really big tree as well.

2015-03-01_00011And this is the end result, standing on the secluded beach of our new island, in the early morning sun.

It’s Sick

Yeah, it’s sick how I can spend such a lot of time just walking around Colonia. I just spent probably an hour in there just admiring the town and watching all the people go by in their daily routine.

I know every little detail of the town, not just because I created it in the Creation Kit, but also because I spend such a lot of time actually there. In fact, to me, it’s an important part of modding that I create something I’d like to play myself, and it’s a really good sign that I do enjoy spending time there. I make long lists of glitches, things I could do better, things I need to do, suggestions and so on. The conclusion this time, was that it needs more NPC’s out and about.

Hope no one gets tired of my screenshots of Colonia, because I never tire making them. By the way, some of the row boats in the Colonia harbour work as “doors” and will transport you directly to different locations nearby. One boat takes you out to the lighthouse and back, while the other one, lands you on the deck of one of the ships off the coast.