Everyone who played Morrowind will make a sigh when I mention the word Cliffracer. Yes, I’ve added a Cliffracer to the Ashlander Camp New Zainab, but this one probably won’t irritate you as much as its predecessors, because it’s just for decoration and nostalgia really. He patrols the sky above the camp.

Work on this mod is proceeding fast. By tomorrow, I’ll start creating the NPC’s to inhabit the camp, and if everything goes to plan, we might see a weekend release, so keep your eyes open!

A Pocket of Morrowind


I can’t imagine how many hours I spent in Morrowind back in the day. It’s quite an eerie experience to be creating a little pocket of Old Morrowind in Skyrim.

I added Dragonborn DLC dependancy because I need the Chitin and Bonemold armours, and also added the music from the DLC to the Yurt interiors. Some of the music in the Dragonborn DLC is from Morrowind and it’s quite something having those old songs I’ve heard so many times in the old game play again in my Skyrim mod. Even the great mushrooms look like they’re straight from the Ascadian Isles. Nostalgia, indeed!

I’ve also found some Bonemold and Chitin weapons that I’m going to add, because, for some reason, Bethesda didn’t supply them.

Ashlander Camp New Zainab

Why haven’t I thought of this before!? I did an Ashlander camp for Azura’s Watch, but never thought about making a standalone. Tamira has already ported the needed resources for it and they’re just screaming to be put in-game. Why has no one done it? That needs to be rectified right now.

So while I’ve been doing immersive camps for the Civil War, I will now produce a proper Ashlander camp as well. This one’s going to be a bit different and work more like a proper village, with traders and services, but I also want my usual setup of recruitable companion NPC’s. This one’s going to be aimed at players who want to roleplay a Dark Elf immigrant from Morrowind and it’s going to be populated by an assortment of suitable Dark Elven refugees.

Ah, the nostalgia again!

The Alcoholics Guild 2015

Anyone care to be beta tester for this? All I ask is for you to test it out that it works OK and report. It’s the Alcoholics Guild 2015. It’s nothing much; just a house added to Riverwood with three NPC’s, pretty much like its Morrowind predecessor ten years ago. It’s 500KB large! LOL

Here’s the Download

And this is the ReadMe for the official Nexus release coming up if everything is OK.

For Skyrim

By Antiscamp

In April of 2005, I created my first mod for the Elder Scrolls series. It was a small thing that only added a new house to Seyda Neen where the player could find three drunks living. I had lots of fun with it and it was my first ever mod release. Since then, I’ve been creating and releasing mods steadily. Some of them have been pretty large and a lot of work, but it all began at Seyda Neen and the Alcoholics Guild.

To celebrate my ten-year anniversary of being a modder, I have now recreated the Alcoholics Guild, but in Skyrim. The guys are the same, pretty much, and the guild’s headquarters is, this time, found in Riverwood. You can’t miss it.

As an optional bonus, I include the old Morrowind file in this download as well. Enjoy the 2015 version. Congratulations to me, and see you again at the Alcoholics Guild in 2025!

Throw the Meshes folder, Textures folder and .esp into your Skyrim Data directory. Tick the .esp in your mod manager or in the launcher. NMM might also work. What do I know.

The mod adds a house with three NPC’s to Riverwood. Nothing more, nothing less. As should be.

The mod has been cleaned with Tes5Edit.

Yeah, kinda. Check out what I’m doing next. It’s a bit more impressive:
ENDORSE AND VOTE FOR THIS MOD! Dibella only knows it needs it. It took me ten years to create, dammit! NOW ENDORSE!

Antiscamp, April 2015

The South Eastern Coastline

The coastal areas in the South East are in focus right now for detailing and design. These areas are going to be very Morrowind-like. I don’t care that my island is on the other side of the world from Morrowind proper. I just don’t care about details like that, when it looks like this:

A Weekend of Good Stuff

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend overall, but I’ve also managed to do some good modding. I created the Citadel I detailed in the previous post and it’s complete with an interior too although undecorated. I’ve done lots of NavMesh. I created some dummy views to paste behind transparent windows in the interiors that give the impression of actually looking out into the forest outside. They’re rather cool. I’ve finished the official “History of Azura’s Watch” and pasted it as an in-game book.

I’ve also created the first NPC’s. That’s a really big step. Here’s a picture of them, if you can see them in the gloom of their house. Yes, it’s the three alcoholics of the Alcoholics Guild. I can’t believe I’ve had these three gentlemen for almost ten years. It began as a small mod for Morrowind in 2005 where these three guys inhabited a house in Seyda Neen. I then had them in Oblivion in Dibella’s Watch in 2011. And now they’re here again, for Skyrim, in 2014. Cheers!


That was a bad picture. Here are some more of what I’ve done this weekend. I’ve also done a lot of detailing; like pasting plants and rocks and the sort…