Some Attention for the Camps

My camp mods released about a month ago, all of a sudden have gotten a lot of good attention and just out of the blue people have been downloading them in great numbers. Camp Argentum, Varglya and also New Zainab. It makes me quite happy, because the camps got undeservedly little attention at launch. None of them ended up in the hot files either.

The problem is, I don’t know where the attention comes from. My guess is that some bigger YouTuber has featured the camps in a video. I’d like to know who it is, so I can go and send a thank you, so if anyone knows, please shoot me a comment below!

Argentum's had more downloads now than on launch day!

Argentum’s had more downloads now than on launch day!



Everyone who played Morrowind will make a sigh when I mention the word Cliffracer. Yes, I’ve added a Cliffracer to the Ashlander Camp New Zainab, but this one probably won’t irritate you as much as its predecessors, because it’s just for decoration and nostalgia really. He patrols the sky above the camp.

Work on this mod is proceeding fast. By tomorrow, I’ll start creating the NPC’s to inhabit the camp, and if everything goes to plan, we might see a weekend release, so keep your eyes open!