Good Bye, Nexus Mod Manager!

I used the NMM for Fallout 4 and accidentally clicked the Download with NMM button when downloading a Skyrim mod. i usually install Skyrim mods manually and use BASH as my mod manager. I misclicked the warning screens that followed since I was watching telly at the same time. Now, Skyrim won’t even launch. What remains is to do a clean install of the game and all those 200+ mods I had.

I cannot recomend NMM to anyone. It’s completely useless, too unreliable and I’ve had problems with it before; I don’t know why I’ve maintained in giving it chance upon chance again. I will uninstall it and never use it again. My best suggestion is to manually install mods and sort them with BASH and LOOT. That process had my latest install of the game running smoothly for over a year now.

Good riddance, NMM. No more chances for you now!


Sometimes it becomes necessary to do a complete reinstall of the game if you’re running a lot of mods. I did that tonight because the game kept crashing on me. So right now I’m only running vanilla Skyrim with Frontier installed. I had forgotten that Skyrim looks pretty bleeding good in its vanilla state. I’ve noted that they got rid of the blocky faces we had when Skyrim was released. That’s great.

Frontier is now in its own folder too. I had to extract all the files for it and make it into an easily transferable folder. That folder will grow over time and it’s easily zipped later on when I want to go public with it. The transfer to the new install went smoothly. I only forgot some moutnain textures, but it’s all in place now. It was a great way of testing that everything goes along correctly with the packed mod so that the end users won’t have anything missing.

Now I need to testspin vanilla a bit and then reinstall some of my favourite mods as well. I’m installing all mods manually from now on since my last installation was a mess. No more NMM over here. Cheers.