That’s a Nord


That’s what a Nord looks like. A veteran who fought on the Imperial side in the Great War, unbreakable hater of the Thalmor and lifelong¬† follower of Talos, he joined Ulfric Stormcloak’s rebellion against his former allegiance in defence of god and fatherland. Many on the other side were his Legion brothers in arms back in The Great War.

Stage is Set

I’ve finished Camp Varglya’s exterior, its interior cell (the Commander’s tent) and also NavMeshed it all. Took me one day. Next up is adding the Stormcloak soldiers manning the camp. That’s going to be fun!

The Stormcloak Version

I’ve also published a Stormcloak version of Camp Argentum. This version of the .esp, found in the Optional Files, will make the Imperial camp inhabitants aggressive towards the player. It’s meant for Stormcloak gameplay, but is also suitable for others who want to fight the Legion. They’re also set to respawn. Furthermore, I updated the camp design a bit; added fires burning, smoke and threw the statics around a bit to make it all look more like a battlefield, and it looks epic indeed.


Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

This day, a year ago, Skyrim was released. It was a great day that many of us had been waiting for. I sat there the whole night through, waiting for it to open on Steam, and I was so impressed by it when I finally got to start it up. It was my kind of game from the very start.

This is the first screenshot I took of Skyrim on the night of 11 november 2011. Yes, that’s Ralof over there. I chose to be a Stormcloak traitor in this first playthrough, which I’ve never been again, thank Dibella.

It’s been a good year, and there’s more to come, obviously with the Dragonborn add-on and all. Happy Birthday, Skyrim!