Where the snow starts

These are some WIP-pictures from the areas where the snow starts falling. It won’t stop falling either. Weater conditions up north are going to be severe. These areas really look cool and they’re fun as Oblivion to create.

A day in the woods

Playtesting is one of the best parts of modding. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent running around my own Frontier Realm hunting out floaters and all those minor errors. I still will have missed many, so that’s why more pairs of eyes are needed to root them out and why I want to release the continent as a beta when I’m done landscaping.

I really wish I’d have more impressive stuff than this to show you for this blog update; like impressive interiors or the next big castle or some hot armour, but I don’t. The absolute most part of my modding Frontier is spent doing really tedious stuff like pasting trees, rocks and bushes. I want to make the Frontier forests look endless and monotonous without becoming boring. There will be surpirses here and there and locations to find that are unmarked on the map. In today’s playtesting my latest modded patch of forest, I actually got lost in there! And that’s a good sign!

Yes! I got lost and had to find my way out. It took some running, but soon I happened upon this location. The first sign of civilization, Stroti’s Old Cabin. Really, this is how I want the mod to be in the end. When you finally get back to civilization after excursions into the barbarian north, you’re supposed to draw a sigh of relief. Imagine these forests filled with game, barbarians sneaking around as well as predators.

Stupid dog.

Pushing into the North

Right now, I’m beginning proper work on the northern frontier; I’ve done a bit of it already, but quite half-heartedly. This is where much of the action will take place with northern barbarian tribes and monsters beyond imagination. I am currently designing the wood areas around Carnar (in the middle of the continent) as well as on the other side (to the west) of the continent, at what is called Lake Crying Widow. At that lake, a crusader army will have its stronghold high up on a cliff. The Crusaders have it as their sworn duty to fight the barbarians and bring civilization further north and as such, they’ve been keeping the very west of the Frontier’s northern border safe for a hundred years.

Lake Crying Widow. This is the kind of landscape that gets me going. Dark and gloomy, and always bad weather!

Looking back at Carnar. This screenie is taken from the eastern side of Carnar, with the keep looming in the distance. This is one of the natural ways into the northern wilderness. Roads and settlements have stopped. There is absolutely no civilization beyond Carnar.


Up North

A few views from the Barbaric North, the land of constant snowstorms and inhospitability. The camp seen belongs to one of the great barbaric tribes. There will be numerous camps like these, all different in size and design, dotting the wilderness, guarded by hostile barbarians.