Proper Furniture


I found this furniture set on the Nexus tonight and I needed to add them to the mod asap, because this is pretty much what I’ve wanted in the mod for a long time. I have a lot of redecorating to do in my interiors now. Many thanks to Garnet for producing this furniture set, The Wicker Set.

I’ve been playing the game a lot in the meantime. Here’s a really lovely screenshot I made of my main character and her private army. they almost look alive!


A Lovely Sight

SkyrimOblivionLater tonight, Skyrim will pass Oblivion as my favourite game on Steam. To confess, Skyrim is probably my favourite game ever, competing with titles like Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Civilization 1 & 2, Morrowind and classics like that. Good going, Skyrim! Much of my playtime in Skyrim can be attributed to my modding, but I’m also playing the game a lot. Every playthrough adds something new, especially with new mods installed.

Taerwak Camp 2.0

I have a native camp in the north where the Taerwak Tribe lives. They’re a breakaway from the Woodelf culture that inhabits the island. In fact, the entire Woodelven population on Azura’s Watch is an independent culture from the Valenwood Woodelves from which they trace their ancestry.

The Taerwak are aggressive, warlike and at constant odds with the other native tribes on the island. They’ve even had skirmishes with the colonial settlers. They’re not afraid to cut down trees or use wood in their projects, something the traditional Woodelves would consider heresy.

The camp used to look kinda sad, so I spent yesterday updating it with Tamira’s Ashlander Yurts, among other things.


From Los Santos to Azura’s Watch

The time has come to return home from Los Santos. I’ve spent a month in Grand Theft Auto V. It was worth it. I really recommend the game.

But now, it’s time to return to Azura’s Watch and continue to work on the mods I’ve got going. Today, I’ll be doing some detailing, creating a few NPC’s and other small stuff in Azura’s Watch to get back in business.

Witcher III is coming in May. I won’t be getting that right now, since I really don’t have time to waste on other games, but want to finish AW and do the other things I’ve started. Witcher III is another one of those that would probably eat up another month for me. LOL! Maybe at the Christmas Sale or something.

One thing I noticed right off the bat when entering Skyrim again is how stale the character animations are! Compared to GTA5’s very much animated and realistic characters, Skyrim’s seem like lifeless statues. That’s something they should work on for Elder Scrolls VI. Oh well, that’s just a personal little observation when comparing to GTA.

2015-05-16_00001Back on the beach in Azura’s Watch.

Tear This Wall Down!

Bethesda and Steam have rolled back their pay wall in response to the outrage among Skyrim’s fans about paid mods. For once, in this cruel world of injustice and corporate greed, the good guys win. The masses of the video games community have risen up and made Steam and Bethesda withdraw their absurd idea.

Not only has the Elder Scrolls been protected, but other games as well, since they were planning to introduce paid mods in other areas too. They will try again in the future, they will try to sneak it in by subversion, because that’s the nature of these forces, but for now, the Elder Scrolls modding scene is free from money interests. Stay vigilant!

Remember this, people: This was democracy and people power in practice! If we all rise up and outrage about injustice in the world, they can’t stop us. Not the governments, not the corporations or banks or anyone else. They can’t stop us! They are few, we are many. We Are Legion!