Fallout 4

I don’t know what I feel about Fallout 4 yet, but so far, it’s been fun. Glitches here and there, like one guy who was supposed to give me assignment who was standing on the roof of a building, refusing to move, and I couldn’t get up. If I hadn’t played Bethesda’s games before I wouldn’t have known about the console and “tcl”.

The UI is really irritatingly bad on PC, so I have no doubts there’ll be a SkyUI for this one as well. The Character creation is fun, and for once, we get a body weight slider! That’s good news for modders like me who enjoy creating NPC’s, because now we can create real characters and not only NPC’s who are either muscular or more muscular.

The game doesn’t look like much and vanilla Skyrim actually matches it easily in terms of looks. I don’t care about the looks, but I would have expected a bit more wow-factor from a 60€ game in 2015. The story is nothing much either, it seems, but I really do want to see how it ends, so that’s a good sign.

Would I recommend Fallout 4? Sure I would, knowing that there will be thousands of mods to fix bugs, crappy UI and add masses of material in the future. I will check out the modding tools when they arrive in early 2016, but I doubt I will be making anything for FO4.

The South Island

I have a couple of unused NPC’s that need a home. The plan was to create a trading station somewhere on the island, but tonight, I got this burning need to create an entire new island for that trading post. This is going to be the largest of the islands off the coast of main island Azura’s Watch. Here we see it starting to take shape. The view from here back towards the main island is going to be tremendous.



Family Life in Skyrim

Finally, I’ve gotten to a point in the game, where I can adopt a kid to test Azura’s Dawn’s Hearthfire functions. It’s taken a while, but a kid didn’t suit my story until now. Azura’s Dawn is really working very well with Hearthfire. I adopted Lucia in Whiterun; she’s very grateful to live in the mansion and even goes to play outside and I can order her to do chores. Lydia is a great mother too. I even got the Steam achievement “Proud Parent” for Lucia.

Azura’s Dawn 1.2

The 1.2 Version of Azura’s Dawn is now properly published on Nexus.

This version of Azura’s Dawn is (should be) compatible with The Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod, which makes it easy to move your spouse and children to the player home. I recommend using that mod; you just need to use a spell “bless the home” to make the entirety of Azura’s Dawn into a compatible player house. Simple and easy.

I want someone to test it out and see how it works. There may still be glitches. I’m going to test it myself as well, but I don’t have any kids. At least, Lydia worked well and moved in right away.

If you don’t have Hearthfire, the Azura’s Dawn mansion, will still look and feel the same. You need to apply the following .esp instead. You still need the above download though for the resources bsa and stuff.