The Pig in Berlin

Haven’t had time for much modding. My Pig wanted to go to Berlin.


Doing optimization isn’t fun exactly. I have to cut out stuff from my mod to make it work better. It works well in Vanilla Skyrim, but I get crashes in the colony with all my mods applied to the game. I of course want people to be able to play the mod even though they might have a lot of other mods active. Today I’ve done some optimization work on the town area, where the heaviest load is. Some NPC’s have had to go and a couple of statics. I’m going to implement those in another part of my world; maybe create a secluded trade post with them.

That was too hasty

OK, that was a bit hasty. I should learn to not write anything online while I’m either mad or sad. Referring to my last post. I didn’t come this way for nothing. Only losers give up when confronted with Skyrim Papyrus Scripting. LOL

I’ll complete Azura’s Watch if it’s the f***ing last thing I do. If there’s someone who’s gonna make a one-man official DLC-quality mod for this friggin’ game, it’s me.

It’s going to take some time though; too many distractions and too much fun happening IRL. Stick with me. I’m continuing although sometimes very slowly.

Done with this

I don’t think Azura’s Watch will ever get finished. I won’t have the time or energy to fulfill everything needed for a proper release. I won’t have the time or energy to write any quests.

My Skyrim modding has been nothing but a failure. I’ve had my greatest days already, as a modder, unfortunately. The intense energy I could commit to Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion back in 2010-11 is sadly gone.

I will just have to admit this now, so I don’t have this hanging over me, but can move on to other things, and to also end the expectations once and for all. When I have the time and I feel for it, I will package together what I have and publish it here as a Beta 04 and then call it a day.

Napoleon 2015

I haven’t updated the blog recently, since I went on a trip abroad a couple of weeks ago. Really, it was a kind of pilgrimage to see Napoleon’s grave in Paris and also visit Belgium where the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was held.

It was important to me, since, in my youth, Napoleon was my greatest idol. I still think he’s very cool in some respects, but nowadays, don’t treat him with the unreserved idolatry I did when I was younger. Nonetheless, when I returned home, I needed to play some Napoleonic games and really enjoy my Napoleonic inspiration for a while.

Now, let’s return to Skyrim. I have a lot of work to do; I need to wrap up Azura’s Dawn Mansion asap. Stay tuned.

Here’s a few pictures of The Pig in Brussels and Paris. She comes along on all our trips.