Daggerfall Unity

So, if you haven’t already, you have to check out Daggerfall Unity right now. I’ve kept my eyes on this project for a long time, and it’s developed into quite something. It’s actually almost done. Most of the stuff that was in old Daggerfall has been ported over into the modern game engine Unity and it works splendidly well.

I’ve already put in a lot of hours replaying this classic of a game in Daggerfall Unity. Daggerfall was actually my first TES game, so the nostalgia factor is immense. You’ll need the public domain download of old Daggerfall which Bethesda released a couple of years ago (DaggerfallSetup), and then you’ll need to download Daggerfall Unity.

The screenshots were done using several mods, because the Daggerfall Unity project already has a thriving modding community. I can’t wait to see where that’s going.

Two Great Minds

I cannot help but think what the Elder Scrolls would look like today if these two guys had been left in charge. Here are two really interesting and recommended interviews with the minds behind Arena and Daggerfall, in effect, the designers of the Elder Scrolls series, Julian (Jensen) LeFay and Ted Peterson. The latter is the father of much of Elder Scrolls lore as seen in in-game books as well.

Imagine a game looking like Skyrim on ENB steroids with the immense depth, immersion and complexity of an upgraded Daggerfall. That’s what I think these two great minds would have created. There surely has to be a market for that!



I don’t give out permissions to port my mods to any platform. Not anymore.

I have been modding games for more than ten years, and it’s always been for free as a hobby. The modding world used to be one of fun, trust, sharing and solidarity but it is changing into something more sinister and I now want complete control and retain my own rights over my own products. Further, to create my mods I often use and include assets by various other authors and they have been sharing their material with me in trust.

If something needs porting, I’ll do it myself. There will be no monetary gain from my mods. No paid mods and no donation buttons.

These rules are necessary because I’ve been too liberal and naive in the past giving out permissions only to find out that other people have been monetizing my work in one way or other. Fool me once. Antiscamp doesn’t give permissions anymore.