I have three favourite game series. The Elder Scrolls series, the Civilization series and the Grand Theft Auto series. These three; I’ve been following them from the start (OK, from Daggerfall with ES) and none of the instalments have ever been a disappointment (Civ 5 at launch, yeah, but now, it’s really good!). The last time we had a new instalment for any of these three, was in 2011 with Skyrim. That is why tomorrow is such a big day, for me and for a major part of the PC gaming world, because it’s the release date for Grand Theft Auto V on PC.

It’s pre-loaded and ready to go! I might disappear off the face of the Earth for a couple of days, so don’t think I’m gone completely. I’ll be in Los Santos crashing cars.

The Pool Room


You can’t have an Azura’s Watch-inspired mansion and not have a pool room. This pool room is really just a transition area between two other rooms in the basement, but it’s a bleedin’ nice transition area. It’s not yet done though with detailing.

The Foyer

After the successful and beyond measure popular release of the Alcoholics Guild 2015 mod yesterday, I’m continuing on with my OTHER secondary project this month, the Azura’s Dawn Mansion. I’ve been designing the Foyer of the house today. I want it to be warm and cosy; not too big and impressive either, but suitably luxorious. I think I managed the coloration of the place pretty well. It’s not at all done yet, but I wanted to show off the ambient light and lighting in this environment.