Project Purple

Just to throw this in here in the hope that it will raise some expectations as well as to give some reason why I’m rather slow blogging right now. At the side of Frontier, I am currently doing a different modding project for Skyrim as well, codenamed Project Purple. I am doing this together with an unexpected co-modder.

Keep following. Project Purple will be announced soon.

Sunday is LOD-day

I usually try to update my LOD once a week. This, I do for several reasons although it’s a lot of work and takes several hours to do. The most important reason is that I get to see the whole picture. I know where it looks bad and can correct it. Another reason is that it always blows my mind and I’m so impressed with what I’ve done myself. Hehe.

Today, Heightmap, Object and Tree LOD went smoothly and not even once did I encounter any problems. Am I just lucky with my work? Frontier hasn’t had any major problems as yet; I see all those other modders complaining about this or that, but this mod has gone smoothly since the beginning.

Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

This day, a year ago, Skyrim was released. It was a great day that many of us had been waiting for. I sat there the whole night through, waiting for it to open on Steam, and I was so impressed by it when I finally got to start it up. It was my kind of game from the very start.

This is the first screenshot I took of Skyrim on the night of 11 november 2011. Yes, that’s Ralof over there. I chose to be a Stormcloak traitor in this first playthrough, which I’ve never been again, thank Dibella.

It’s been a good year, and there’s more to come, obviously with the Dragonborn add-on and all. Happy Birthday, Skyrim!

Cabin by the Coast

I dunno how many times I’ve changed the details in the very south of the continent. It’s the area where I started modding the continent beck in February, and it’s still being changed. Gah! I recently added a few islands along the coast, and here’s a little cabin too, which I did yesterday, beautifully situated at the shore line.

Today, I also changed the sound atmosphere of the area as well. I removed some cold winds, made the wind gusts “warmer” and added more birds singing. I cannot show you those changes in this blog, of course, but trust me when I say that the sounds used have a tremendous impact on how the area is perceived by the player. It’s not all in the beholder’s eyes, but also in his ears. The coastal area is now warm and inviting, as opposed to cold, harsh and windy as it was before.

Where the snow starts

These are some WIP-pictures from the areas where the snow starts falling. It won’t stop falling either. Weater conditions up north are going to be severe. These areas really look cool and they’re fun as Oblivion to create.

Business as usual

The CK update has arrived and is working well. I don’t really know what the new functions are, but as long as I get to create my Frontier, I’m happy. Here are a few pictures of the recent work.

Mostly, I’ve been doing endless forests in the north, from where one picture is taken (that’s Lake Carnar down there), but I’ve also been detailing the green south a bit. No mod of mine would be complete without a few picturesque paradise islands, since I absolutely love creating small islands, so I’ve dotted a few of those along the southern coast.

As you can see, even the tedious and not-so-fun work of pasting trees and rocks, pays off in the end. I’m quite pleased with these vistas.

CK Update Needed

Skyrim’s latest patch is out, but unfortunately, it leaves the Creation Kit crippled and unusable, actually, since the CK hasn’t been updated to reflect the changes in the game patch. Talk about timing – at the weekend. We’re hoping for an update on monday. So no modding here.

In the meantime, check Vilja out. She’s the companion to end all companions. In Oblivion, I could swear she was a live for real, and I’m looking forward to getting to know her talkative, sometimes irritating, but really fun and entertaining Skyrim incarnation as well.

Miss Frontier meets Vilja